From the Bank of the Arkansas River, Canon City, CO

The area where I am from has some of the best sections of white water river in the world.  Every spring when Colorado warms up we get what is called the spring run-off, when the snow melts from on top of the peaks and trickles down to swell the rivers and flood creeks.  It’s an amazing spectacle to watch the river swell to 4 or 5 times its winter capacity in a matter of days.  This particular section of rivers’ intensity is increased even further as it  is squeezed through the narrow Royal Gorge like a hose with a thumb over it.  When we have a good run-off mixed with spring rain the Royal Gorge will be shut down completely to any form of boat traffic.  The power of the river is so intense that if you get in that river, at that time… it is certain death.