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Seems that photo editors are a dime a dozen these days.  Here is a list of the ones I have or have personally found useful and hopefully it will help you t0 weed through all of those apps and get down to the useful ones.

I use a device with an iOS operating system and also my computer with Windows to run these apps.  Not all of these application are available on Android and may work differently than the way I describe if you do run them on Android.  I will try and fine similar and comparable for the Android users when not exactly available  in the Google Store and list the operating systems the app supports.


PicsArt – Photo Studio – iOS ,  Android ,  PC

This is one of the best image editing apps you can find.  The price to functionality ratio is unbeatable considering the fact that it is free and still is able to offer more than most other even paid apps, and even though it’s free that doesn’t stop them from constantly improving, adding to, and enhancing this extremely powerful and easy to use tool  and is quite easy to get and start using effectively as long as you have a basic knowledge of photography and image manipulation… and even if you don’t, it is fairly simple to figure out on your own as PicsArt provides some good information on how to use and get the most out of PicsArt providing even a community of other like minded artists to work and socialize with.

PicsArt Resources


Eraser – iOS

Eraser is a very useful tool for easily removing, and making transparent parts of an image that you want to replace; or parts you want to use elsewhere (PNG files to used like a sticker).  There are many apps out there that do this, but you may find yourself tediously removing things pixel by pixel or more than once. Zooming in and out and in and out trying to figure out what part of the image your even looking at.  Trust me;  I know these
frustrations all to well and am here to save you from them.

All Eraser does is erases, crops and then offers a few minor enhancement options, so its primary function is to remove the parts of any image you want taken out, quickly efficiently. Allowing you to not erase manually, but have the app remove sections and even whole colors from an image.  On top of that this app is extremely easy to use, completely free, and small enough to install and store on your device of choice all the time.

  • Does anyone know if this is available on the Android market? Or a 
    comparable App?

Eraser Resources

  • Download Eraser – iOS
  • Quick Tutorial (Coming Soon)
  • PNG’s (Coming Soon)


Trimaginator – iOS , Android

This is an artistic image manipulation app with limitless creative possibilities.  Using several different methods of division to identify and isolate shape patterns within an image, Trimaginators program applies augmentable lines and overlaid facets, as well as some pre-populated property combinations that you can use to get the feel for it before creating your own geometric possibilities.

Trimaginator Resources

  • Download Trimaginator = Android , iOS
  • Quick Tutorial (Coming Soon)


Kaleidacam – iOs

KaleidaCam takes your camera and turns it into a Kaleidascope to capture photos with that unique polygonal mirrored effect.  Create interesting and eye catching designs of anything you point your camera at.  Thw obvious and intended application for the program is fun enough, but with a little creativity, these beautifully symmetrical patters can be used in many ways including filters frames and stickers..

KaleidaCam Resources

  • Download KaleidaCam – iOS
  • Quick Tutorial – Just point and click