A day at the river yielded many photographic opportunities.  One of the highlights being the one above showing an old wooden bridge from a very low perspective.

A calm and slow moving Arkansas River

Looking down from the bridge you can see, even though the river is low, a little white water.  This is actually a man-made eddy designed for a high water level, this thing will actually become somewhat surf-able creating a river “wave”.

The Whitewater festival is held every year during the run-off.  Boat contests, raft races and floatation gamed fill the river while music and drinking ensues on land.


From bridge looking down into the cold waters of January, Arkansas River.


Crystal clear and ice cold, the headwaters of the Arkansas river move slowly through Canon City, Colorado.  Biding it’s time until spring when a fresh melt of mountain snow will swell the river to an unrecognizable level and fury.


The bridge at a distance